Top 5 Tips for School Mornings

Back to School doesn't have to stress you out. 

Mornings can be hectic with kids: Get out of bed. Get dressed. Comb hair. Make breakfast. Eat breakfast. Brush teeth. Find shoes. Pack backpacks. The list can seem endless. Here are some tips to help make the mornings easier:

1. Prepare the night before:
Lay out clothes for the next morning, set the table for breakfast after clearing off dinner and pack lunch in the evening, keeping it in the fridge ready to grab in the morning. Keep shoes and backpacks in a designated cubby. 
2. Post the Daily Routine
Keep the mornings hassle free and help little ones establish a bedtime and morning schedule with an illustrated checklist. 
3. Set consequences and stick to them
The threat of extra chores for older children can work well to keep kids on track. Consider making your morning routine part of your kids' allowance responsibilities. Each day you don't leave on time you could dock their weekly "pay.”
4. Make it a race
Something about calling it "a race" can motivate children to get out the door faster. See if they can beat you to get dressed, eat breakfast and get out the door faster than you. 
5. Set timers
Setting a timer to ring at appropriate intervals ("15 minutes 'til the bus! 5 minutes! Time to go!") is a popular morning strategy.