Stylish Tie Glasses Case for Dad

SCR Group, one of the country’s largest and most innovative clothing and homeware re-use and recycling companies would like to share ways in which you can create a simple and ECO-friendly DIY for your favourite dads this Father's day!

Stylish tie glasses case for Dad!
What you will need:
one second-hand necktie
seam ripper
fabric scissors
self-adhesive Velcro
needle and thread
Step 1:
Lay the necktie flat with the backside facing up. Measure and mark 17 inches in from the tip, then cut the tie widthwise. Discard the narrow end of the tie.
Step 2:
Use a seam ripper to open the seam along the back of the tie 6-7 inches to create a pouch.
Step 3: 
Measure 8 inches in from the cut end and mark. Fold the tie at the mark toward the pointed tip and tuck under 1/2 inch of cut edge and pin.
Step 4: 
Using small whipstitches along the top and sides, hand-sew the folded-over portion of tie to only the top layer of fabric beneath it. 
Step 5: 
Hand-stitch along the top and sides, securing the folded-over portion of tie to the top layer of fabric beneath it.
Step 6:
Fold the tip of the tie over to make a flap.  Finish by affixing a set of self-adhesive Velcro dots to keep the case closed. 

Now you’ve got a unique and stylish Father’s Day gift for Dad!
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