Penelope's Playground

Penelope's Playground tells the tale of young Penelope who is picked on at school for being different. Penelope is a naturally bright and happy little girl, but the unkind words of new girl Beth make her feel sad and afraid to go to school. Even her little brother Harry notices that Penelope has changed, and tries his best to make her feel better.

Penelope's Playground highlights how just one person can make another feel intimated and small. It explores the effects of bullying in a simple yet impactful way, animated with watercolour illustrations by Heather Hawkins, that will be adored by children and parents alike.

"Pixie and I wrote this story together, after our family went through a very tumultuous time in
our lives. I want Pixie, Hunter and all children to know that is OK to be different. If this book can help even just a few kids to understand that we should be kind to one another no matter what our differences or circumstances, then Pixie and I have done our job." - Roxy Jacenko

Available to buy at all good book shops from Friday 1st February 2019.