Osmo Genius Kit

Getting kids to love science, spelling and maths without it being a forced lesson can be difficult. There are tons of STEM-based learning toys on the market. This gift is so good you won't want to give it away.

The new Osmo Genius Kit allows children between 5 and 12 years to play five different games; tangram, numbers, words, masterpiece, and newton

Osmo technology allows the device to "see” the user move pieces in front of the screen. It can do this because of the small red mirror adaptor which is placed over the device's camera, reflecting down. It can interact with the user and give them encouragement, guidance and share a laugh. The stand is portable allowing for play to take place anywhere

One game which works on maths skills involves arranging physical tiles, adding more or subtracting them all through play. There are levels to complete making it rewarding yet challenging. Charlotte followed the instructions of the game and felt relaxed because she could progress at her own pace. 

We used the iPad to take a photo of Charlotte's favourite toy, her unicorn. The Masterpiece App then converts the image to a drawing, which Charlotte could then copy. She did a fantastic job sketching it out and once done, the App hangs it in her gallery. 


What's included in the Genius Kit?

All kits and games are available in JB Hi-Fi, Australian Geographic, Office Works, Harvey Norman and Apple stores.