MUMtested: Enjoy Flameless Candles

We discovered flameless candles and I'm in love with this very simple and beautifully relaxing interior design solution. 

Product Description: Ivory Slim Flameless Candle set (valued at $135) 

Handmade from virgin paraffin wax with an inbuilt timer function, they are available in a variety of colours, designs, textures and sizes.  Enjoy flameless candles are premier in their quality with a realistic flame light and the safety of being flameless, making them suitable around kids and pets.

KIDsize Review

A designer friend of mine had just lent me a set of flameless candles to use whilst staging our house for sale recently and I loved them. Such an easy solution to help create the mood, especially during nighttime open houses.

Well, wasn't I wonderfully surprised to hear that Enjoy Lighting wanted little ole me to try out their Flameless candle range and let the KSL community know what I thought. I did a little jump for glee and gratefully accepted their offer. I knew from experience that the product was good and worth sharing.

So what are flameless candles? They look like a regular candle, they smell like a regular candle and they cast a light like a regular candle. The body of the candle is still even made with virgin paraffin wax. But rather than a wick and flame, they contain a small led light that flickers.

Flameless candle

They can be switched on or off manually or they can be used in auto timer mode located at the candles based. They can be on a 4, 6 or 8 hour timer.

I received the Ivory Slim 3 piece set soon after agreeing to do the review and got to work finding great places for them to feature around the house. They worked beautifully outside casting a warming glow and setting a lovely scene.

Enjoy flameless candles

They even looked lovely inside our old fireplace in the bedroom. Adding a romantic and relaxed touch to the boudoir.

Enjoy flameless candles

One of the best uses though has been as a night light for our oldest daughter. She loves the beautiful glow it sets off which relaxes her just before sleep and best of all we can set the timer so it turns itself off.

Flameless candle

Check out the Enjoy Lighting website for more information and where to purchase.