Mister Maker at Big Top Sydney

The world’s happiest, most-loved crafter Mister Maker is making his way Down Under once again in a brand new national show – Mister Maker Returns. The national tour will visit numerous cities and towns around the country in July featuring all new crafts, songs and adventures. Showing at Luna Park's Big Top with two shows on Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July 2018. Get your tickets here.

Show Times
Saturday 30th June: 11am, 1.30pm and 4pm.
Sunday 1st July: 11am, 1.30pm and 4pm.

In the meantime, we asked Mister Maker (aka Phil Gallagher) to tell us more about show and who his favourite Shape really is …

1. What NEW things can fans expect on this latest Live World Tour?
I can’t give too much away because it’s a surprise, but everything we do on stage – the crafts, music and songs have never been seen anywhere before in the world. It’s a really amazing and exciting show. This tour we’re also going to get the audience even more involved in the show, including getting people up on stage to help do the crafts. I can also tell you that one lucky audience member will even be invited to become one of The Shapes! Other than that there is one new craft we’ll be making that might have you leaving the theatre feeling rather hungry …

2. Which Shape is your favourite and why? 
Oh I love them all! However maybe the Blue Shape because blue is my favourite colour and also the colour of my beloved soccer team back home. Also the Rectangle Shape as he’s the tallest so I look up to him, haha!

3. Where do you get your best ideas from?
I guess just from other people. For the live shows I write and design everything myself. But in general I work with a small team of amazing people who help me put everything together. Our team has now worked together on the series for over 10 years. It’s so great to tap into other people’s creativity and get inspired.

4. What was the most creative thing you made as a child?
The most memorable creative thing I ever made as a kid was a pom pom bug. I recreated it on the show, and it was inspired by the pom pom bug I made with my granddad many years ago when I was a little boy. In fact, that original pom pom bug I made with him 35 years ago is still my most treasured creation at home. I always think of my granddad being the original Mister Maker, he could make anything - he was incredible.

5. Do you have to practice at home before taking Mister Maker on a Live Tour around Australia?
Yes I do practice quite a bit, then when we arrive here we practice again and do lots of rehearsals. Making the creations always takes quite a bit of practice particularly when I’m up against Tocky! Although he’s never beaten me yet. Once I had to make a really tricky craft. I practiced and practiced it beforehand. It was so hard but I managed to make it in 59 seconds with one second to spare – now that’s real pressure!

Click on the link livenation.com.au for more details about venues and locations.

From pre-schoolers to grandparents, there's no one immune to the pleasure of building, making, creating and doing. With enough glue, glitter and paint to keep every little person delighted, and projects to take home, too, this is a true demonstration that if you can dream it, you can build it! 

Featuring appearances from The Shapes and packed full of catchy songs and a very special make on the day, it's the perfect family day out.