KIDtested: Whales | Tohorā at the Australian Museum

Have you ever crawled inside a life-sized blue whale's heart? Well, now you can!

Before you visit this exhibit, we suggest you download the FREE App so that you can listen to the audio tour of the exhibition and even play games. It was incredibly useful during our visit. 

Whales are smart. They can recognise themselves in a mirror, similar to dolphins, apes and of course humans. They can transmit sounds through the 'melon' in their head. Sadly, in the past, sperm whales were hunted for the oil inside this melon. 

The exhibition at the Australian Museum takes you on a journey through the history of the evolution of whales, the sad truths behind whaling and the use of harpoons, the history of the Māori people and their deep connection with Whales. 

Following nearly 30 years of whaling in the 1960's, they nearly became extinct. In 1979, Australia adopted an anti-whaling policy and focused on the international protection and conservation of whales. 

There are interactive stations for children to learn about Whales and play games. There is also a replica of a Blue Whale's heart which children can crawl into. A real one would weigh 640kg. Sperm Whales can stay underwater for 80 minutes at a time. 

This is a great exhibition and we highly recommend it for school age children. We took Charlotte, aged 6, and the twins, Jack and Mia, aged 3. They loved the interactive stations and crawling through the heart. We spent a good hour exploring and enjoyed browsing the educational toys in gift shop at the end.

We spent equal time at the KIDSPACE on the second floor playing with Kinetic sand, listening to shells and playing mermaids.


Adults: non-member: $27 or $13.50 for members 
Children: non-member: $14 or $7 for members 
Family pass for non-members: $49 
Children Age 0-4: FREE