KIDtested: Twister Tracks

We had so much fun test driving the Neon Twister Tracks. This is definitely a toy for little and big kids. Twister Tracks are interactive and flexible and the children loved picking them up, turning and bending the track and making ramps for the car over their hands. It's always exciting to turn your living room into a race track and watch the little car zip around the track or send it off-piste and chase it across the room. 
Product information: Mindscope LED Twister Tracks
Ages:  3+
RRP:  From $20 

KIDtested review:
A unique element of this toy is the flexible, multicoloured track. Little hands can easily to pick it up, twist, bend and move it around into any pattern or shape they like. The second novel feature is that the car lights up making the tracks glow. 

Set up:
Stickers: You get a sheet of stickers to decorate the car making it extra flashy.  
Batteries: Don’t forget to have your batteries ready. The car requires 2 x AAA and you will need a small screwdriver too to open the compartment. 
Building the track: The track is partly assembled into sheets of track that you click together. There are many ways to do create your circuit.
You can make the track into one long, three metre rainbow track or set up smaller circles that will physically move in circles with the car. This is quite fun to watch. Check out our Instagram feed for video footage

Although this toy is for ages 3 and up, my 2 year old son can not get enough, but the track comes apart into small pieces so you should be careful. Jack loves cars. I knew this would be a hit, especially as the car moves on it’s own. Charlotte enjoyed it too and really bonded with her little brother Jack over this toy. Mia was happy to play along too, when she could get a turn.  

When it came to packing away, I rolled up the long piece of track which fit nicely back in the box. You can collect more and build a bigger, longer track. For us, the 3 metres provided in the box was plenty for our small living room floor.  Overall, this was a great toy and I would recommend it.