KIDtested: Trolls Holidays

We received a parcel exploding with incredible Trolls toys and accessories. We had fun with the Trolls "Holiday" Dreamworks animation musical on DVD, Hug Me Poppy doll, party goods, a t-shirt and pyjamas, sticker and painting books and hair accessories.

Justin Timberlake is now synomyous with the Trolls because of the song "Can't Stop The Feeling". I'm also a big fan of Anna Kendrick, from Pitch Perfect fame, who is the voice of Poppy in Trolls.  I admit it, I was more excited than my 4 year old to receive this amazing package to KIDtest.

- Jack and Mia waiting for Charlotte to return home and open the box. 

Product information: Dreamworks Trolls Hug Time Poppy

This large pink troll doll has amazing pink hair which lights up. There is an interactive watch for both the troll and for your child which brings playing with dolls to a new level. You can hold hands with Poppy and rock from side to side to play music and dance. She says 25 different phrases and always has time for hugs. 

- Charlotte testing out Poppy's 25 different phrases

Suitable for Age 3+, RRP: $90
Stockist: Toys R Us

Product information: Trolls 'Holiday' DVD & Digital, RRP $19.95

A shorter film than Charlotte might be used to (just 26 mins), it didn't stop her cuddling up with her doll and relaxing. There are bonus features which stretch it out to 47 mins. Based on DreamWorks' hit musical-comedy film, Trolls Holiday is an animated special that continues the story of the Trolls and the Bergens. It is full of catchy, feel-good songs and colourful animation. Available from 1st November. 

-ALL the Trolls

Trolls Party Goods 

Stockists: Available at Big W and Independent Party Stores

Amongst all of the party goodies, we had a clear favourite with the "Favour Cups", a genius alternative idea as a gift to party guests. You can pick up these essential Trolls themed items if you are planning a birthday party.

  • Trolls invitation, 8pk, $5
  • 3 x Favour Cup (BPA free) RRP $5 each
  • Paper Cups, 266ml, 8pk, $6.00
  • Lunch Napkins, 16pk, $6.00
  • Plates, 7”, 8pk $4.00  / Plates, 9” 8pk $5.00

Product Information: Hair Accessories

Six clips and a pink hair Troll 'Alice' band. So many styles to be had and keep the fun going all day. 
RRP at $6 , Available from Big W and Best Less

Product Information: Trolls Books 

Trolls Holidazzle Celebration Sticker Scene Fun, $7.99
With over 100 stickers and puzzles fun for all ages. 

Trolls Paint with Water, RRP $5.99
We love these books because the mess is kept to a minimum and any age can get involved. You just need a paint brush and water. 

Product Information: Clothing Range, available at Big W

The t-shirt and pyjamas were a size 4 but fit my tall, almost 5 year old perfectly. The white t-shirt was girly, with the ruffled sleeves. The Pyjamas were a t-shirt and shorts set, which are perfect for the warm summer nights.


LISTEN to the new music from Trolls Holiday here:

Thank you to Connect-Pr for supplying this selection of goodies. There is no reason Trolls toys would not be suitable for boys and girls, with cars, selfie sticks and headphones to name a few.