KIDtested: Thomas and Friends wooden toys

One of the first children's characters my son recognised was Thomas and he has loved him ever since. If he see's Thomas and his crew on TV, at the shops, in an ad, anywhere... he yells with glee "choo choo". So we were more than happy to test out the latest Thomas & Friends wooden toys from U.Games Australia.

Thomas & Friends

Thomas & Friends Wooden Puzzle Clock

Product information: Learn the concept of a clock with this Thomas and Friends self-correcting Lift and Look Puzzle. Learn hours and minutes with the double sided blocks. A fun and exciting way to learn to tell the time.

Ages: 3+   RRP $25

KID-tested review: We've had this for about a week now and my youngest who is 18 months plays with it everyday. He loves puzzles and we have a few wooden ones around the house, so this fits in nicely with his regular play and he gets to interact with numbers, shapes and colours.

Thomas & Friends

Because the puzzle is designed to grow with your kids age, my daughter who is 6.5 also gets a kick out of it too. She love's playing with her little brother and showing him how the pieces fit. It has three levels of interaction where they can first learn counting, then minutes and then telling time.

I love this the most for this fact. Knowing it's a toy which he will probably get many years of fun out of, as well as a great learning experience, makes it a very worthwhile purchase.

Thomas & Friends Wooden Stacker

Product information: Stack 2 blocks of wood to match the head with the body. There are 16 images of Thomas and friends to match! 

Thomas & Friends

Ages: 18m+    RRP: $19.00

KID-tested review: What 18 month old doesn't like stacking?? Bo hasn't quite grasped the idea that you have to match the pieces to form various Thomas and Friend characters, but big sister has been helping him out.

It's also lovely and compact and looks great sitting on the toy shelf. 

It's designed to help kids develop problem-solving and it certainly does that. A few times at first Bo got a bit frustrated trying to stack the blocks on the posts. But with a bit of guidance from mum and big sister, he is now a pro at it.

Another great toy that I can see years of use from. As the next step will be trying to match the picture to form Thomas and Friends characters.

Thomas & Friends

Stockists: Selected items from the Thomas and Friends range are available at Kidstuff, Myer and all good independent retailers.