KIDtested: The Baby Bible

Dymocks Books on George Street in Sydney City hosted a morning tea and book signing with Bec Judd on 1st May 2018. Being a mother of twins, I was first in line to RSVP to this event.

Together with a team of experts, Bec Judd has compiled an excellent source of advice about pregnancy, newborns, sleep and life after children. There are even recipes thrown in.  

The book sets out the different stages of pregnancy month by month. I loved Bec's opening words where she describes how she went from never feeling 'particularly maternal' before kids to feeling overwhelmed, scared and ultimately feeling privileged to be a mother to four amazing children. 

"What you're not expecting, when you're expecting ... Bec Judd has been pregnant quite a lot: three pregnancies, three deliveries and four gorgeous newborn babies. From carrying a baby, delivering it, feeding it and raising it, Bec has experienced almost everything motherhood can throw at you and she wants to share the secrets and stories that she has learned along the way. Not to mention all those things about pregnancy, birth and motherhood that often come as a complete surprise."

The Baby Bible is filled with lots of gorgeous photos and easy to read sections, professional advice and tips on what you really need to buy (or not) when you have a baby.  It covers the usual topics like where to have your baby, exercise during pregnancy, eating for two, travel with kids, mum hacks and most importantly, symptoms of post-natal depression.

Purchase your copy from Dymocks. This book would make a great Mother's Day gift.