KIDtested: Tell-a-Tale games

Get the kids imaginations running wild and watch them come to life with these beautifully designed adventure story games.

Product details: Tell-A-Tale makes you and your friends the storytellers in a land of magic, fun and adventure! Roll the dice to get some ideas and then let the stories begin! Work together to set up the story, guide the plot to a great ending and along the way, tell a great tale!

Tell a tale games

The Benefits of Tell-A-Tale include:

  • Quality educational games
  • Helps develop creative thinking
  • Develops problem-solving skills
  • Improves verbalisation & communication
  • Promotes social interaction and language development

Ages 3+  RRP: $30.00

KIDtested Review: Remember those games we use to play at school, where someone would start the first line of a story and the next person would add their line and then the following person would add their line and so on? I know Lily and her mates still get a kick out of creating their own hilarious stories playing the game now. Well, Tell-a-Tale is basically a cool, interactive, visual way of playing the same game. 

Tell a tale games

You are given a board with two different backdrops to chose from. You can then add scenery to the board to set the scene before you roll the dice. The game includes four dice. 3 with pictures which correspond with cards that can be added to the scenery and one word dice. You use the images and word dice to form a story, placing the cards on the board to help visualise the tale.

Tell a tale games

It's like creating a mini-theatre performance which the kids (especially Lily) loved doing. Bo who is almost two didn't quite grasp it, but he loved helping to set the scenery and roll the dice. Lily got right into it, creating elaborate tales and moving the pieces around the board bringing her adventures to life.

We were able to try the Fairytale and Barnyard editions. Bo particularly loved the animals and the trucks (he's obsessed with vehicles of any kind) and spent ages playing with the pieces.

Tell a tale games

The kids did surprise me though with the scale of their imagination and decided to combine the two scenes into one big one. This took the game to another (actually very funny) level, as unexpected and unrelated objects were forced together in the stories.