KIDtested: Smashers

ZURU SMASHERS                                

Product information: 

Zuru Smashers allow kids to discover what character lies inside by smashing the SMASHBALL open. Children collect, battle and score with their SMASHERS as each one has its own points value. 

Ages: 3+

KIDtested review: 

Stockists: Smashers can be found at Kmart, Big W, TRU and all good toy stores.


Product information: We tested the Series 1 Sport SMASHERS 8 pack. The box contained 2 Smasher characters, 6 Smashers still inside their smashballs and 1 collectors guide. The idea is to smash open the Smashball, find the smasher hiding inside and battle the Good vs Bad smashers in a sports game. 

KIDtested review: 

The idea of being allowed to smash something open really appealed to Charlotte. She couldn't wait to start and find out what was inside each plastic red ball. 

Once the Smashballs have been opened, the surprise toy is found, collected and can be traded with friends. There is a list of the many toys on the back of the box and a collectors App to keep track of your bounty and points gained per figurine. This "points" element certainly will make it addictive as the more figurines you have, the more points you ear,  Online you can select which figurines you have and which ones you want. There are super rare, limited edition, bad sports, ball stars and even game changer smashers. 

The sports theme was also appealing and the cheeky little figurines made it fun to play and 'battle" with. Charlotte played with the Smasher figures, making up her own games and using her imagination. 

Having lots of red pieces of plastic lying around is unfortunately the result of smashing. If you don’t like lots of plastic mess, then this is probably not the toy for you. There is a video online showing you how to rebuild the balls. It can be quite tricky. We spent a long time attempting to rebuild them. 

You can buy SMASHERS in packs of 1, 3 or 8. There are also themed sports Smashers including Basketball, Football and even a Smashers Tin. 


Smasher One Pack: AU $3.99
Smasher 3 Pack: AU $7.99
Smasher 8 Pack: AU $14.99
Smasher Collectors Tin: AU $9.99
Smasher Team Bus: AU $29.99.