KIDtested: Bunnykins Gift pack

Bunnykins ABC Design 5pc Melamine Set                   

Product information: This dinner set is top quality nursery ware in a gift pack for a child you love! Made from durable melamine means any little accident is no big deal. Generations of children have grown up loving Bunnykins. Beautifully boxed high quality Gift Set for the new baby comprising Bunnykins bowl, plate, spoon, spill-proof sipper and Bib. This Delightful range makes it the perfect gift.

Age 18m+,  RRP: $39.95


KIDtested review: No matter what your age you will fall in love with this Bunnykins 5-piece Classic Red Dinner Set. It's made by Royal Doulton, so you know the quality is super high.

Bo loved it as soon as he laid eyes on it, yelling "rabbit, rabbit". The pack has everything you need for a fun mealtime, which can often be a challenge in our household. It's beautifully displayed and has a touch of the retro about, whilst being modern and unbreakable - best of all.


It's not dishwasher or microwave safe, so best to handwash and heat meals in microwave proof containers first.

I'm yet to get a great photo of Bo actually eating out of it. He's pretty gross at dinnertime and I didn't want to scare everyone. Stay tuned!!