KIDtested: 5 Second Rule boardgame

We played this game of quick thinking and fast talking. It was challenging, but heaps of fun.                           

Product information: The game of quick thinking and fast talking.  It should be easy to name 3 breeds of dogs – but can you do it under the pressure of 5 seconds counting down?  It’s all in good fun with this fast-paced game.  

Age 8+, RRP: $27.99. Available at Oz Games online.

5 Second rule

KIDtested review: We Looooove boardgames, especially Lily, and couldn't wait to try this one.

It wasn't exactly what I was expecting, to be honest. I had visions of food been thrown on the floor which had to be rescued and eaten within 5 seconds (sadly we already play this a lot in our house). I'm glad to say that the U.Games version is much more sanitary and fun.

It was easy to set up and the rules are pretty simple. You need to make your way around the board answering a series of questions within 5 seconds. Players select a card and must answer "Name 3..." within, you guessed it, 5 seconds. There are opportunities to Switch or Pass On if you can't answer.

5 Second rule

The questions vary in difficulty. Many were a little hard for a 6-year-old (nearly 7), so we made sure to choose ones we knew Lily would have a chance at. No such luck for the adults though. Mum and dad had to answer whatever was chosen. 

5 Second rule

The five second count down that comes with the game is hilarious, although Bo kept stealing it away. Not really sure how to explain it. Nothing I've ever seen. Think a tall spirally tube thingy with balls and a funny noise!?? Does that make sense? 

We had such a good time playing. Lots of laughter and only a few arguments over answers (snort), which is all part of it!!

: Available at Big W, ABC Stores, Kidstuff, Myer, Toys R Us and Oz Games online.