Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise Heart
Rainbocorns are born from sugar, spice and everything magically nice. They hatch from their colorful rainbow eggs to be your new sparkly and sassy best friend.
KIDtested: Zuru 5 Surprise
New 5 Surprise Toys from Zuru are sure to be a hit with the Kids. This ball opens out individual segments each containing a cute little surprise.
KIDtested: Smashers
The newest toy launch by Zuru will have you throwing, smashing, and collecting these adorable SMASHERS toys.
KIDtested: The Baby Bible
We review Bec Judd's new book 'The Baby Bible' - a guide to taking care of your bump, your baby and yourself.
Tonka Tinys
One of our favourite toy brands, Tonka, turned 70 this year and to celebrate, we were given some brand new samples from their Tinys range to review.
KIDtested: Twister Tracks
Test Driving Neon multicoloured Twister Tracks. Not your standard race track.