This Kid Life Podcast
The Sydney Opera House’s podcast for children This Kid Life is releasing four brand new episodes focusing on themes of science, resilience, diversity and accessibility.
KIDtested: Whales | Tohorā at the Australian Museum
Whales | Tohorā explores the diversity, biology and adaptation of whales to life in our oceans and celebrates their role in South Pacific Islanders’ rich cultural history. We recently stopped by the Australian Museum to see what it was all about.
Osmo Genius Kit
The Genius Kit by Osmo really can be played anywhere, anytime. STEM learning for kids has to be the best gift you can give this Christmas.
Sphero Bolt
BOLT is an app-enabled robotic ball that allows you to be creative and have fun while learning. BOLT was built to shine with a brilliant 8x8 LED Matrix that animates and displays real-time data. Create and customize games and learn to code by drawing on your screen, using Scratch™ blocks, or writing JavaScript text programs.
Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise Heart
Rainbocorns are born from sugar, spice and everything magically nice. They hatch from their colorful rainbow eggs to be your new sparkly and sassy best friend.
KIDtested: Zuru 5 Surprise
New 5 Surprise Toys from Zuru are sure to be a hit with the Kids. This ball opens out individual segments each containing a cute little surprise.