The Beanies Big Day Out Podcast

The Beanies are back with ten new audio adventures for children ‘The Beanies Big Day Out’. Inspiring creativity and listening through a guilt and screen free break for parents, these 10-12 minute podcast episodes are available free on Kinderling Kids Radio.


(Image: The Beanies: Michael, Laura and Mim. Photo credit Matthew Wells)

Calling all mini-Beanies

Join Laura (Dawson), Mim (Rizvi) and Michael (Yore) as they tell wacky stories, sing silly songs and learn important lessons taught by the blunt but loveable Professor Know-It-All. 

Season 3 of the podcast invites little ears to come along on a ‘Big Day Out’ which follows the Beanies from sun up to sun down while they brush their teeth, select the perfect outfit, play car games, construct a sandcastle and even read a bedtime story.

Michael Beanie says: ‘The Beanies are committed to inspiring children to be as creative and imaginative as possible!’. According  to  the  World  Economic  Forum,  65%  of  children  entering  primary  school  today  will  end  up  working  in  jobs  that  do not  currently  exist.  

Listen here on iTunes. 

The  Beanies  believe  that  by  encouraging  listening with creative,  adaptable  thinking  children  will  be  better  equipped  for  unimaginable  possibilities.

Kinderling Kids Radio Managing Director Lorna Clarkson says ‘Kinderling loves the Beanies as they take children on exciting audio adventures that blend great music, fun and education. Just like we do on Kinderling! Also The Beanies understand grown-ups love joining in the fun too so their episodes are filled with in-jokes and quips that we can all enjoy.’

The Beanies are one of the most popular children’s podcasts in Australia boasting over 150,000 downloads across their series and recent winners of ‘Best Family & Kids’ Podcast at the Australian Podcast Awards 2018.

The Beanies are a three piece children’s band with all original songs. The band is made up of professionally trained performers with expertise in signing, acting, dancing, writing and children’s entertainment. The Beanies’ missions is to entertain children and encourage them to exercise their imaginations and nurture their creativity through songs, dance, stories and interactive lessons. The Beanies music is composed in collaboration with James Court (The Music Wizard), a graduate of the Australian Institute of Music. 

Kinderling Kids Radio

Kinderling Kids Radio is Australia’s most popular kids radio station, focused on children aged zero to six…and their grown-ups. Broadcasting a mix of family-friendly music, stories and imagination, Kinderling is a companion to a family as they move through their daily (and nightly) routine. To listen to The Beanies and all the great music and stories on Kinderling; scan for KIDS on your digital radio, or download the free Kinderling app.

01 Sep 2018 - 31 Dec 2018
10:00 am - 11:00 am