Interview with the cast of The 91-Storey Treehouse

Andy and Terry are back! Standing 91-stories high, the fantastical ever-growing treehouse has become more dangerous than ever. Come on up and explore their weird and wonderful world live on stage as they face their biggest challenge ever - babysitting! 

KIDsize Living recently had the opportunity to interview Andy Griffiths, best selling children's author ahead of the National Tour. Catch them in Sydney from 3rd - 20th January. 

Sydney Opera House, Sydney, NSW

The 91-Storey Treehouse at the Sydney Opera House

As Dr Seuss famously said, “why fit in when you were born to stand out?”  I think that Andy Griffiths has taken that quote quite literally when creating the characters that are Andy, Terry and Jill in the Treehouse series. Andy, Terry and Jill are the exaggerated personas of the author, illustrator and editor of the books.

          Photo: Danielle King, Freya Pragt, Teale Howie, Samuel Welsh. Image credit: Heidrun Lohr.

We sat down with Andy after the final dress rehearsal of The 91 Storey-Treehouse, that this book series was a happy accident.  “We were just trying to fix a problem,” he recalls as he reflects on his earlier titles ‘The Bad Book’ and its aptly named sequel, ‘The Very Bad Book’.  Book number three in that series was going to be, yes you guessed it, ‘The Very Very Bad Book’.

The intention was to tell a story about the central characters not being able to write a book and taking the reader with them on that particular journey. Importantly Andy set the scene for the story in a treehouse but when Illustrator Terry Denton sketched the first picture of the tree house, ‘The Very Very Bad Book’ went out the window and the Treehouse series was born.

Why was it 13 storeys you ask?
That was how many levels Terry happened to draw in the first illustration!

                        Photo: Teale Howie, Danielle King, Samuel Welsh. Image credit: Heidrun Lohr

The producer from CDP Theatre Productions said, “I’m getting very good at my thirteen times tables”.  Each book the treehouse adds thirteen levels of silliness to entertain the young readers, and the kids just can’t get enough of it. 

This book brings out your inner nine year old, and you can’t help but read it with a crazy voice as Andy and Terry get up to more high-jinx.

                           Photo: Teale Howie, Samuel Welsh, Freya Pragt. Image credit: Heidrun Lohr.

Samuel Welsh, Teal Howie and Freya Pragt do a fantastic job of bringing these characters to life on stage; testament to their great work on stage is the fact that they have returned after the success of the stage production of The 78 Storey Treehouse which toured the country last year.

The production tour of The 91 Storey Treehouse starts next week with Perth, Canberra and Brisbane all getting a dose of the nonsense.  The audience will not be disappointed, the production will take them on a psychedelic journey down the rabbit hole that is Andy Griffiths’ imagination. 

Lead actor, Samuel Welsh, explains that it’s a full on program with up to three shows a day and no time to think about anything but treehouses, submarine sandwiches and giant whirlpools. They’re getting the practice now for the highlight of the tour when it comes to The Sydney Opera House from the 3rd to the 20th of January 2019.

For ages 6+. Book your tickets now!

03 Jan 2019 - 20 Jan 2019
10:30 am - 03:30 pm
Age Group
6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14
Standard Ticket $39 + $8.50 booking fee.
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Sydney Opera House, Sydney, NSW