ABC Classic Kids at Sydney Opera House

With story-telling by Play School's Luke Carroll and live music from Ensemble Offspring, this light-hearted, participatory show will delight kids with sounds evocative of the Australian landscape. After the show, kids can meet the musicians and instruments. It's the perfect adventure to start your mini musicians on a lifetime of classical music.

Sydney Opera House, Sydney, NSW

Tickets from $25 + booking fee

For ages 2-5

Treat little ears to musical soundscapes and classical compositions with the story of Kirra Quokka who loves music. Held in the Utzon Room.

KIDsize Vibe

Jack and Mia, aged two and a half, excitedly stepped inside the Opera House for the first time to see this show. We entered the Utzon room and settled down on the carpeted floor in front of the stage. We decided the clarinet and drums were our favourite instruments. The show focuses on a Quokka who travels across Australia to reunite a lost ticket with someone at the Opera House. Once the musicians arrived on stage, they began playing their music Jack and Mia were enthralled with the beautiful sounds and colourful lighting. 

Luke Carroll is a wonderful storyteller and kept the children engaged with actions and movement. Once the show ended, we got to move closer to the musicians and their instruments. This was a wonderful morning and a great way to sample the Opera House. Ignite a passion for music from a young age and see this classical music show running until 21st May 2018. 

Listen to the Sounds Like Australia Podcast here.

04 May 2018 - 21 May 2018
10:30 am - 04:00 pm
Age Group
Toddlers , Preschoolers , Ages 3-5
Standard Ticket $25 +$8.50 booking fee. Tickets required for children aged 2+
Location and Details
Sydney Opera House, Sydney, NSW