Wulaba Park - Waterloo

Hidden away amongst the residential apartments of Waterloo is a colourful, vibrant and functional little park with the biggest slide in a public space we have ever seen.

Wulaba Park was created as a landscaped area for families to enjoy. It features:

  • playground with a large slide
  • climbing tower, tunnels, decks and climbing nets
  • swings
  • a games area to play table tennis and handball

With multi-coloured play equipment and coloured pathways, visiting Wulaba Park will be a memorable experience for everyone.

Corner Amelia St and O'Dea Ave, Waterloo, NSW
KIDsize Living Review

We had been very keen to visit Wulaba Park since seeing pictures of it's opening in April 2016. And I tell you. It did not disappoint.

We arrived on a cold day and the park was mostly in shade, but that didn't deter. Lily headed straight to the tower and climbed straight to the top. And boy is it high up there. The tunnel is long and has a bit of a curve to it, but not enough to scare. Just enough for a good healthy thrill for the kids (and us adults). I even heard one kid exclaim to his mate, "that was awesome. I'm not afraid of heights anymore."

Wulaba Park

The slide is the star attraction but the surrounding structure is loads of fun too. With tunnels to scoot through, poles to slide down, nets and decks to climb and just hang out. And there are three different sized swings for all ages to enjoy.

Wulaba Park

The rest of the park features a large enough grass space to run amok, ping pong tables and handball courts. Something I've never seen in a park before. All were being used when we were there.

It's located in a quiet spot, but there is a shared car/people path around it, so best to be vigilant with the little ones. There is also a lovely rainbow parking area for bikes and three BBQ's.

Wulaba Park

The Treetop Cafe is just up the road (about a 2 min walk). We didn't have a chance to try it, but it had plenty of activity.

I would suggest visiting from midday onwards in Winter to maximise sunshine and mornings in summer to get the most of the shade.

10 parking spaces
Public toilet with change table
3 x BBQ's
2 x Ping pong tables
Handball court Cafe nearby
Age Group
All Ages
Location and Details
Corner Amelia St and O'Dea Ave, Waterloo, NSW