Visiting The Blue Mountains With Kids

Long weekends and school holidays are a great excuse to escape the city and explore the countryside. The Blue Mountains has so much to offer families and it's such a short trip out of the city, in less than an hour and a half you are in a totally different oasis.

It's a bit daunting and time consuming trying to plan a kid friendly trip when you're not familiar with the area so these kid friendly guides to the Blue Mountains should really make life easier for you!

KIDsize Vibe

Kirsten, the mum behind KIDsize Living Blue Mountains to Penrith has checked out where the best activities, bushwalking trails, places to eat and sleep in this area.

Bushwalking in the Blue Mountains


Kid-Friendly Holidays in the Blue Mountains

There’s no doubt about it, the Blue Mountains is a beautiful place to visit. Quaint villages, unbelievable views, fresh mountain air and under two hours drive from Sydney. It suits families, couples and singles alike. Two key questions are commonly posted online by parents - Where should we stay? and What should we do? - so we are here to make sure your visit to the mountains is family-friendly and fun. Read more.

Blue Mountains


Kid-Friendly Bushwalking in the Blue Mountains

We are obviously quite spoilt for choice when it comes to different ways to enjoy the beautiful national parks that surround the Blue Mountain area. However, not all bushwalks are created equal (I’ve certainly learned that the hard way!) so it's good to do some planning. Read more.

Blue Mountains

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