Sushi Train - Newtown

Diverse sushi and sashimi on a conveyor belt, plus hot Japanese mains, at a straightforward chain.

316 King St, Newtown, NSW
KIDsize Living Review

When you have a hungry 6 year old and a very restless 16 month old, good, healthy fast food is what you need. Sushi train is always a tasty and fun option. Both the kids love going.

As soon as we walked in, we were looked after straight away. I highchair for Bo was set up and drinks ordered before I could blink. I had a nice mug of green tea and Lily had a crazy looking strawberry Ramune, which is basically Japanese lemonade that you have to poke a marble through to open (I may or may not be describing that very well).

I was really impressed with the vast selection at Sushi Train in Newtown. Often sushi trains will have their specialities, or depending on time of day, will have very similar looking and tasting dishes that can get a bit same-ish. Sushi Train had more than enough choice.

Sushi train Newtown

Lily had to have the avocado mini-rolls as she usually does. She loved them so much she ate 3 plates!

I had the Unagi (eel) and the Kakiage and avocado vegetarian option which were both delish.

The little more adventurous, Bo, also shared some of Lily's avocado rolls and had Ebi Katsu (prawn) and Tamago (sweet omelette).

Sushi train Newtown

They also do a kids meal option for under 12s which I discovered later and will probably get the kids to try it out next time. Looks pretty good actually.

Sushi train Newtown

An after Sushi Train must is a visit to Gelato Blue next door with some insanely good flavours to choose from.

High chairs, kids menu, kids eating club.
Age Group
All Ages
From $3 a plate, kids meal $9.80
Location and Details
316 King St, Newtown, NSW
(02) 9557 4435