Store Espresso

Another great Cafe and Park combo! A great option for family's and mother's groups.

Store Espresso has a lovely, community feel. You can dine inside, out the front of the cafe or get it delivered across the road to the park.

Store espresso

17 Fowler St, Camperdown, NSW
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They're food is a mix of modern Mediterranean and casual Italian cuisine. Features of the Store cafe menu include afavoured breakfast plate with sides of jamon and smoked trout and bacon and egg organic sourdough panini. Lunch menu includes papadelle with slow cooked lamb ragu, a great array of burgers, and delicious salads such as poached chicken with wild rocket and pomegranate.

Store espresso

They have lots of mouthwatering locally home baked treats. Caffeine options are a special Store Cafe custom blend of Arabica beans and 24 different organic teas from Tease.

I visited with my 9 month old and got there at lunch time on a Sunday so all the seats were full but that didn't matter as it was a gorgeous day and we decided to dine in the park across the road. I ordered a chicken broth as I had a sniffle and grabbed some blankets and set up on the green area across the road. Lots of families and mother's groups had the same idea. My little man was thourghly entertained with all the kids and babies playing and the resident ginger cat.

Store espresso

When the waiter arrived with my food I was surprised to see it was in beautiful cutlery. I think i expected plastic take away dishes. It was a great treat, delicious and hit the spot. There are picnic tables if you don't want to dine on the grass.

There is 2 hour parking on Fowler St and Australia Street.

Nearest Parks/Playgrounds:

Camperdown Park Playground is a 2 min walk away on Australia Street.

O' Dea Reserve Playground is a 6 min walk away.

Access: Yes
Highchair: Yes
Change table: No
Play area: Yes, across the road
Kid's Menu: Options on adults menu
Location and Details
17 Fowler St, Camperdown, NSW
Monday to Saturday 7:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sunday 7:30 am - 5:00 pm
02 9517 4157