SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

Both young and old will be blown away with their journey through Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. A must see if you are in the city with the family, whether you're local, visiting or just passing through, put it on your list!

1-5 Wheat Road, Sydney, Sydney, NSW
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SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium takes you on an underwater journey through Australia's unique freshwater and marine aquatic environments. Along the way you'll encounter some of the world's most incredible animals, including the beautiful dugongs - 2 of only 5 on display anywhere in the world - huge sharks, massive sawfish, mysterious stingrays, jellyfish,  penguins, seahorses, thousands of tropical fish and much, much more.

You can feed sharks in Sydney on a Glass Bottom Boat Tour or snorkel in the world's largest Great Barrier Reef exhibit on Shark Reef Snorkel. Find out more about great animal experiences here.

More about each zone below:


Home of the Dugongs - beautiful animals which legend has it were mistaken for mermaids by early European sailors arriving in Australia's waters.


An interactive experience to help educate children about the importance of sustainable seas


Jurassic Seas takes you down into the depths of the ocean to see where all life once began and meet weird and wonderful living fossils.


Here, among the stilted piers and platform decks you'll discover animals that are native to one of the most iconic harbours in the world.


Move up the coast to the shoreline to discover the Australian animals that call the fringes of our oceans and harbours home.


Set amongst this beached shipwreck environment you can discover a vast array of animals native to the Southern Oceans.


Face your fears by walking amongst huge Grey Nurse Sharks, Sandbar Whalers and Lemon Sharks.


The Great Barrier Reef exhibit here at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium is the largest in the world - just like the Great Barrier Reef itself!

Food and drink: There are 3 food options inside the aquarium - Aqua Cafe and Aqua Snacks in the open plan foyer and you can access these without a ticket. There are highchairs available and the parents room is nearby in the retail store. Aqua Cafe has healthy options, salads, sandwiches, wraps, juices and coffee. ;Aqua Snacks has ;kids meals (fish & chips, burgers and hotdogs ;$7.50). ;Midway Cafe is located mid way through the tour.

Kids birthday parties: There are 2 party packages available.

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My hubby, Mr 1 and I had an amazing time on our visit. I’m so glad my first visit was with my toddler. Watching his little amazed face light up made it so much more enjoyable for us. It was a big step up from walking to our neighbours and peeking into her pond at her 2 goldfish. It was especially great for mr 1 to see the creatures we have been showing him in books brought to life. He’s been making pouty fish faces ever since our visit!

The tour features all types of underwater creatures from tiny sea horses and jelly fish to 2 metre sharks and Dugongs. The underwater tunnel, where you walk through a giant aquarium full of all sorts of sea life, is visually spectacular, and really exciting not just for the kids!! I had goosebumps watching sharks, huge stingrays and even Nemo himself swim right over us. The barrier reef area is so beautiful; I was in awe so often I found it hard to concentrate on keeping an eye on mr1. For us adults, it was the closest thing to deep sea diving since our honeymoon

The interactive art screens are really cool. Kids will be entertained for ages in this area. There are seating areas with templates of fish and jelly fish that allow kids to create their own designs. There are 2 scanners which quickly scan the art piece and the fish come alive on the big screen.

There are also interactive coral reefs where kids can get a feel for what coral is like, penguin feeding and an educational area with lots of great facts about Dugongs. I also loved the glass floor walkway; it took Mr 1 a few minutes to figure it out but then he didn't want to leave!

Feeding the family: There are 3 food options inside the aquarium - Aqua Cafe and Wharf Kitchen are in the open plan foyer and you can access these without a ticket. There are highchairs available and the parents room is nearby in the retail shop. Aqua Cafe has healthy options, salads, sandwiches, wraps, juices and coffee. Wharf Kitchen also has kids meals (fish & chips, burgers and hotdogs $7.50). There is a snack shop located mid way through the tour beside the parents room. There are a few bench seats (no tables) where you can stop and rest and snack. You also have the option of bringing a packed lunch.

You can bring your stroller though (there is no cloaking facility) and I would arise it. It’s a long tour with sloping walkways up and down to access the underwater aquarium.

We recommend that you allow around 90 minutes for your visit. 


*Stop 22 on the Sydney Explorer Bus - Wheat Rd, under foot bridge

For travel information and our "Visiting Darling Harbour with Kids' Guide click here!

A great advantage is the cheap and convenient parking especially if you have a couple of adults and kids. There are 4 nearby car parks that offer great discounts if you have your parking ticket validated at Sea Life. We only paid $14 for a day in Darling Quarter car park ($8 on weekends!).

There is a family room located mid-way through the tour and at the exit in the retail shop.
There is plenty of room to bring your stroller in. Please note you cannot store your stroller during the tour.
There is a small shop mid way through the tour where you can buy refreshments a few bench seats (no tables).
Age Group
All Ages
If you book online you save a considerable amount on the walk up ticket rate. Walk-up price, Adults: $44 and Children: $31
You can also purchase an Annual Merlin Pass or a Multi Attraction Pass that allows you access to the other Merlin attractions
Location and Details
1-5 Wheat Road, Sydney, Sydney, NSW
Open every day 10am - 6pm. Last entry is 5pm
1800 199 657