Rushcutters Bay Park Playground

Situated in the gorgeous Rushcutters Bay Park, Rushcutters Bay marine themed playground has something for all the little ones.

Rushcutters Bay Park, Darling Point, NSW
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KIDsize Vibe

This great fenced, marine themed playground overlooks the water (this kids will love watching the boats go by) and all the equipment has a unique marine theme and is suited to kids up to 3-4 years old. But there is enough space for older kids to play soccer, sports etc. 

The kiosk is right next to the playground and offers a great kids menu too so a great option for mother’s group meet ups.

The Park is lovely for walks, bike rides or even a kick about and there is an adult exercise area if your feeling motivated and bub is asleep!

Note: There is 2hr street parking along New Beach Road but it can be hard to find a spot at times.

Nearby kid friendly cafes:

Rushcutters Bay Park Kiosk is right next to the playground

Rushcutters Bay Tennis Kiosk is a 3 min walk away.

Bay 88 is a 3 min walk away

Some natural shade
Rubber surface
Swings (1 baby)
Small pirate fort
Wobbly boat to drive
See saw
Play stations with wheels, megaphones, cogs and levers to spin and pull all at toddler height
Sea creatures stone sculptures to climb and sit on
Public toilets next to the playground
2 hr street parking on New Beach Rd
Kiosk with kids menu next to playground
Age Group
All Ages
Location and Details
Rushcutters Bay Park, Darling Point, NSW
02 9265 9333