Pram Power

Designed specifically for new parents, Pram Power 60 min classes combine pram jogging with resistance and bodyweight exercises to build strength and bursts of high intensity cardio to help you feel fitter. It is a full-body workout that helps you feel good. Suitable for all fitness levels, shapes and sizes. Expect great results!

Pram Power believe best way to have active happy kids is to be an active healthy mum and dad. Getting the kids outside and spending time with other parents is good for you while the kids have fun watching you exercise, getting pushed around the park and being with other kids.

No nanny required - keep the kids entertained with songs, counting and keeping on the move. Babies through to toddlers are welcome to join and exercise with you. Make your baby your workout buddy today!

Current classes:

Pram Power for Mums

Locations: Redfern Park, Redfern - Tuesdays / Pirrama Park, Pyrmont - Wednesdays

Pram Power classes are designed for new mums to gently ease back into exercise. Work on toning those tummy muscles and build strength for the physical demands of being a mum.

All exercise is low impact and suitable for all fitness levels, shapes and sizes. Expect great results! Find out more.

Pram Power

Power Mum Challenge

Location: Redfern Park, Redfern  - Saturday mornings

The Mum Power Challenge is a 9 week program for mums who are ready to up the intensity, challenge themselves and try a new style of training.

What's included in the 9 week Challenge:

  • A full body workout with resistance weights and short cardio bursts to get the most effective full body workout.
  • Exercise assessments at the start and end so you so can track your progress
  • Weekly challenges to incorporate healthy habits into your week
  • Access to private facebook Mum Power Challenge group so we can share our success stories, get helpful advice and encouragement
  • Nutrition tips

Find out more.

Pram Power Dads

Location: Redfern Park, Redfern  - Saturday mornings

Give Mum Saturday morning off with Dad and bub workouts.

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Pram Power

Redfern Park, Redfern, NSW
KIDsize Living Review

December 2014:

We originally heard about Pram Power from some mums in our mothers group who had started the classes.

There are lots of classes locally so I really had no excuse. Even though I was determined to do something for me, any change of routine when you have a toddler seems daunting. I have to be honest, beforehand I was worried that my 12 month old was so active and didn’t enjoy sitting in the pram and the class was very close to nap time and my hips were sore…..
I spoke to Sarah, the local mum behind Pram Power and she was so encouraging and gave me the push I needed (without being pushy). We gave it a go and both bub and I throughly enjoyed it! I met the other mums in the class who were all lovely and chatty and I instantly relaxed and forgot about my fears. There were mums that had started recently and other mums who had been going for months. You could tell who had been going a while as they could chat easily through the workout as i just nodded breathlessly. It’s a fantastic way to meet local mums with kids of a similar age.
The class was tough but it flew by as we were chatting and distracted by the babies. Sarah kept an eye on us when we got distracted and made sure we were doing the exercises correctly and we weren’t slacking.

The other lovely surprise was my bub didn’t object once to sitting in the pram! We were on the move a lot, entertaining the babies while we worked out and he saw all the other kids doing exactly the same thing so he was happy. They really are very adaptable and get used to it especially when you start early. Even if they do get unsettled, you can pop them on the grass or in a carrier. You are surrounded my mums who all understand and the class is flexible enough to accommodate any unforeseen events.

We went for a coffee and a chat afterwards and my wee man slept for a record 2 hours when we got home. All in all I was chuffed with myself and with my little exercise partner and made a pact not to come up with silly excuses again!

So my advice is start now! Pram Power have a fantastic 2 week FREE trial running so you get as many classes as you like in 2 weeks! Don’t think about it anymore because the more you do, the more excuses you will come up with. Just do it!!!

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Redfern Park, Redfern, NSW
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