O'Dea Reserve

This playground has plenty to occupy the kids.

Ross St, Camperdown, NSW
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KIDsize Vibe

A fort with bridge, climbing frames, tunnel slide, sliding pole, running roller and a swing (1 baby) There is a huge challenging rope climbing tower. There is a huge grassy area with excellent bike paths. You can find covered picnic area with BBQs and picnic tables and a bubbler. There is a gorgeous old tree surrounded by decking which is a great location for a kids party. Also, there is a fenced off dog park and plenty of doggie bags in supply.

Not fenced
Softfall surface
Fort with bridge
Climbing frames
Tunnel slide
Sliding pole
Running roller
Swing (1 baby)
Rope Climbing tower.
Bike Path
Open Field
Dog park
Age Group
All Ages
Location and Details
Ross St, Camperdown, NSW
02 9265 9333