Nicholson Museum

The Nicholson Museum is Australia's oldest University museum and home to the largest collection of antiquities in the Southern Hemisphere. Our gallery is located in the historic Main Quadrangle at the University of Sydney and open freely to the general public.

Redfern station - 10 minute walk and Central station - 15 minute walk Bus to Parramatta Rd - Parramatta Road (closest to the Quadrangle) catch routes 412, 413, 436, 438, 439, 440, 461, 480, 483 or Metrobus M10 Bus to City rd - 422, 423, 426, 428, 370, 352 or Metrobus M30

The University of Sydney, Manning Rd, Camperdown, NSW
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The University of Sydney Museums are proud to present a range of education programs for visitors of all ages and all levels from Kindergarten to HSC students, adult education groups and even preschools and day care centres. Preschool and childcare centre program Primary school program Secondary school program Adult education. Thousands of students from state and private schools visit us each year, along with people from a range of organisations and educational groups, from all over NSW and the ACT.

We offer both specialised and general tours of one or more of our museums. The Nicholson Museum features masterpieces of ancient art and objects of daily life from ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. The Macleay Museum specialises in natural history and ethnography. The University Art Gallery is a rich resource for visual arts, with works by Australian, Asian and European artists. In addition to exhibition tours and general visits, our programs also offer: hands-on activities workshops catalogues study resources and worksheets. Supporting and enriching classroom teaching. Our programs are designed to focus on items in the collections that are relevant to the NSW primary and secondary syllabuses. They have been created to complement and deepen classroom learning. Our guides are qualified and experienced practitioners in their respective fields, and enjoy sharing their knowledge and expertise. All are trained to assist visitors in developing their skills of analysis and interpretation.

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All Ages
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The University of Sydney, Manning Rd, Camperdown, NSW
Monday to Friday, 10:00 am - 4.30 pm
02 9351 2812