N2 Extreme Gelato - Newtown

Big or little, this is THE coolest place to get your Gelato fix. These Gelato nerds are in a league of their own using liquid nitrogen and a truckload of science and imagination to create impossibly smooth textures and exciting new flavour combinations every day.

184 King Street, Newtown, NSW
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It seems that gelato is a complicated thing to get right and these guys use physical chemistry, food science, colloid science, chemical engineering, microscopy, materials science and consumer science to find a perfect balance.

N2 Extreme Gelato put the liquid nitrogen to work with a phenomenon called nucleation-dominated ice crystallisation, it forms a large number of microscopic ice crystals in seconds, resulting in exceptionally smooth textures.

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The kids will love that they can see liquid nitrogen smoke bellowing out as their order is made from scratch. The Newtown store is colourful and funky and through the colourfully painted scaffolding, the kids can watch everything thats happening behind the scenes.

Adults may have a love hate relationship with this stuff. It's indulgent; they only use full cream milk and full cream fresh from local dairies as well as fresh fruit and herbs and lots of other wacky ingredients. Repeat after me; YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Warning: You may get brain freeze as everything is made to order and served at -6 degrees

FYI: The liquid nitrogen sounds scary but is completely safe

I ordered the PASH ME PAVLOVA - strawberry & passionfruit gelato with meringue bites. So, so good! I was on my own and looked so greedy but I couldn't resist ordering the BROKEBACK MOMENT - vanilla gelato with chunky honeycomb bites, choc top with more honeycomb & a shot of salted caramel. All in the name of providing accurate information! See images.

Please note: There are no tables and chairs. There are construction style ladders and a few seats

Access: Yes (1 step at main door)
Highchair: No
Change table: No
Play area: No
Kid's Menu: Yes
Location and Details
184 King Street, Newtown, NSW
1:00 pm - 11:00 pm