Lionel Bowen/Mascot Park

I was blown away with this park and my 12 month old was in his element! It's a new park and playground with lots to do for every age group and a great venue for parties. Even if it's not local to you, it's worth a visit!

Mascot Park, Mascot, NSW
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KIDsize Vibe

Love, love, love this park! It's got so many things I have never seen before.

KIDsize Living Review

The park is a long piece of land that runs between Coward Street and Forster Street. Each side of the park is fenced but the Coward St and Forster St ends are not enclosed.

The green area on Coward Street has great reclined seating, perfect for sunbathing and relaxing.

Older kids will love the rope swing which you can stand on and swing side to side, the huge climbing frame and spinner.

The sand pit is enormous and has 2 diggers and a brilliant water pump and funnels to direct the water to the sand pits below...hours of (messy) fun! There is another set of swings, including a normal swing, a cool baby swing (can sit either direction) and an amazing, comfy deck chair swing.

The small elevated climbing frame that spins was a big hit with my little man and I had to drag him away from the activity station. There is another play area for toddlers with a slide, wobble bridge, music station and activity station all connected. Beside this is a net swing and best of all a wobble train. Kids can get into the train and 'drive' and because it's built on springs it feels just like a train!

Seating areas: This is a perfect venue for a party. The covered seating area has 2 tables and seats and 1 low wide seat and best of all it sits right in the middle of all the activities so you can see the kids at all times. There are 4 covered BBQ's slightly outside the play area and they also have covered seating next to them.

Toilets: There are toilets on Forster St but they were locked when I was there. There are additional toilets on Coward St, beside Mascot Oval and just before the O'Riordan St junction.

Parking is easy with 8 hour street parking on Coward Street.

Nearest kid friendly Cafe:

Bourke St Bakery - 10 min walk (review coming soon!)

Sonoma - 12 min walk 

Partially fenced
Not shaded
Woodchip surface
Swings (1 baby, I recliner, 1 normal)
Rope standing swing
Net swing
Large climbing structure
Large spinner
Huge sand area
Sand diggers
Water funnel
Play area with toddler slide, wobble bridge, music station and activity station
Climbing net and spinner for toddlers Activity station
2 x covered BBQ areas (4 BBQ's in total)
Large covered picnic areas in plaground
Large green area with sun bathing style seating
8 hour street parking on Coward Street
Toilets on Forster St but are sometimes locked.
Age Group
All Ages
Location and Details
Mascot Park, Mascot, NSW