Fusion at Broadway Sydney

Broadway Sydney’s Level 2 food zone is now open. Boasting a 3,400 square metre expansion, the new area boasts some of Sydney's hottest eateries alongside commissioned public artworks. 

The revamp eating area of Broadway shopping centre is a food court no more. It's more like a foodie heaven with all your favourites and some cool newcomers all in one spot.

Fusion at Broadway Sydney

Eateries on offer includes:

  • Din Tai Fung
  • Schnitz
  • Bun Me
  • Eat Istanbul
  • Guzman Y Gomez
  • Sushi Hon
  • Grill’d
  • Nandos
  • My Doinut Box
  • Gelato Heaven
  • Pepperseeds Thai
  • Chatime
  • Soul Origin
  • Sumo Green Label
  • Ilmi Korean BBQ
  • Hero Sushi
  • MR Wu
  • Zeus Street Greek

Broadway now also stays open until 10pm each night with free parking available after 6pm. Entry to the car park must be after 6pm with a minimum spend of $15 in one transaction.

Level 2, Broadway Shopping Centre, 1 Bay St, Broadway, NSW
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I've been visiting, shopping and eating at Broadway since it first opened (ok, I'm old). I always found the food court lifeless and lacking in good options. I generally just went straight for the sushi.

I don't know how they found the space, but the new revamped level 2 eating area of the shopping centre is nothing like the rest if the centre. It's spacious, modern, comfortable and the food options are unreal.

My plan is to eat my way through the level (I'll do it too) and have started with one of my favourites, straight out of Shanghai, Din Tai Fung. 

Round one - Din Tai Fung

Normally dumplings are better shared - more options to choose if you can go halves, thirds or quarters (much like yum cha). But Din Tai Fung have adjusted their menu to allow for mains and yummy options such as dumpling soup for one, which is what I opted for with a pork bun side to share with Bo. In the end he ate the whole thing. The single bite I managed to grab was delicious. Not like your regular sweet BBQ pork. More trad, braised and marinated style.

Fusion at Broadway Sydney

The soup was light and lovely. You can add your own soy, vinegar, chilli or ginger for extra flavour.

I had no trouble finding seating and a high chair for Bo. The food service was quick and you can watch the chefs at their masterful best. The kids were loving it.

Stay tuned for round two....

Centre and some eateries provide high chairs. Parents room on level 3. Wheelchair accessible.
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Level 2, Broadway Shopping Centre, 1 Bay St, Broadway, NSW
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