Community Gardens in the City

For many of us, urban living often means having to sacrifice outdoor space. But that doesn't mean you can't get your green thumb out and grow your own produce. 

There are currently 23 community gardens across the City of Sydney area welcome to everyone . They bring so much more to our city than home-grown fresh produce.

  • They help reduce household waste through composting.
  • They offer the chance to get your hands dirty in a communal plot of land.
  • Residents can learn about, and use, practical organic gardening methods.
  • They help save and protect diverse plants and seeds.
  • They bring people together as a community.
  • They help teach kids about were food comes from and good nutrition.

Bourke St Community Garden

Take for instance, Bourke St Community Garden in Woolloomooloo who have just been allocated new space for miniature fruit trees, new garden beds, a tool shed, native bee hive and chicken coop.

Or gardens in Alexandria and Waterloo which were both developed out of unused and overgrown patches of grass.

A great outing for the whole family. It's free and you'll pick up some fresh produce to boot.

Find a community garden in your area.

Various across the City of Sydney Council area, Sydney, NSW
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Various across the City of Sydney Council area, Sydney, NSW
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