Camperdown Memorial Rest Playground

This is a nice park with great enclosed playground (good for toddlers). It's pretty big, has shade, seating for adults, sand, climbing equipment and more. 

Camperdown Memorial Rest Park, Newtown, NSW
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This is a large, rectangular playground which has been beautifully landscaped with bushy plants, sandstone, and wood. Some of the play structures are wooden and there are good sandpits. It all feels very natural which is lovely to see in Newtown.

The only thing this playground lacks is a toilet, and beware of bottle tops, broken glass etc - always good to do a little check first. Located just behind King St and close to cafes on Australia Street, Newtown; grab a take-away coffee and some pastries on your way!

Nearest kid friendly cafes:

Hoochie Mamma Cafe is a 600m/8 min walk away
Milk Bar is a 361m/5 min walk away
2040; is on South King St approx 8 min walk away

Swings (1 baby)
2 x climbing forts with slides
Wobble bridge
See saw
Spring riders
Shaded by sails
Rubber and woodchip surface
Green area
Picnic tables
2 hour street parking on Australia St
No toilets
Age Group
All Ages
Location and Details
Camperdown Memorial Rest Park, Newtown, NSW