Cafe Abercrombie - Darlington

A wonderfully friendly cafe with loads of room for prams and squirmy young ones.

336 Abercrombie St, Darlington, NSW
KIDsize Living Review

We love the space here. Even though it doesn't have high chairs, there is still plenty of room to park a pram and have a bite to eat or a great coffee and plenty of outdoor seating.

Loads of locals and University folk frequent Cafe Abercrombie, but it doesn't feel crowded.

Cafe Abercrombie

The staff here are so lovely. Very warm and friendly. Service is quick and the food is really good value. I had to double check the bill!!!

I ate with a friend sans-children and had a healthy but tasty chicken and sandwich. My friend had a bun-less burger which looked great and it came with...wait for it...crinkle cut chips! If you're a fan of the crinkle cut chips then you will understand how hard it is to find good ones in the City. And these were good. Very good. I ate more than my fair share!!

Cafe Abercrombie

Overall, it's a comfy spot. Great for a quick stop off, take away if you prefer or a longer chill. 

Takeaway Available
Kid Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Outdoor Seating
Age Group
All Ages
Location and Details
336 Abercrombie St, Darlington, NSW
Mon 6 AM to 4 PM
Tue 6 AM to 4 PM
Wed 6 AM to 4 PM
Thu 6 AM to 4 PM
Fri 6 AM to 4 PM
Sat 6 AM to 12 Noon
Sun Closed
02 9319 1286