Bread & Circus Wholefoods Canteen

Bread & Circus Wholefoods Canteen was one of the first places we visited in Sydney, and it has been a firm favourite for 2 years. Largely organic and biodynamic food that changes daily and fantastic service.

Bread and Circus is located on Fountain St Alexandria and this is place buzzing - like, all the time. After sipping on many lemongrass and ginger chai's from B&C, today was the day I indulged in their awesome food weaponry.

Up early in the morning, I dropped my son to child care at 7am. A quick nap for 20 mins to build an appetite, and by 8am my wife and I were out the door and ready to feast...

As we arrived, things were looking up for us, as there was no line up and tables available - don't be fooled though, Bread & Circus generally has a lineup for lunch and on weekends (but is definitely worth it). Luckily, their entire menu can be made takeaway so if you haven't got time (or the patience with kids) to wait, their takeaway food is packaged beautifully. 

Bread & Circus Canteen

The decor on this place is on point; everything has its place and its not out of place- if that make sense. Jars of gourmet spreads line the shelves and there is a mix of communal and more intimate table settings. If you want to splurge, buy the coconut & chocolate butter (it was amazing!)

For myself I had the not so scrambled eggs with chilli (these were some of the best scrambled eggs I've had), and Dani had the porridge. Now, porridge sounds a bit 'meh' but let me tell you, Dani didn't talk for about 15 minutes while eating her organic rolled oats with baked pears, granola crunch, roasted hazelnuts and clotted cream. 

Bread & Circus Canteen

This time also included some 'fork fencing' to keep the swooping predator away from my food (this is my wife for everyone playing at home).

Seriously, everything on the menu looked delicious and I'm sure you would not be disappointed with any selection. Space is deceiving and there is room for prams but I would definitely recommend heading there early.

Bread & Circus Canteen

21 Fountain Street, Alexandria, NSW
Age Group
All Ages
Location and Details
21 Fountain Street, Alexandria, NSW
Weekdays 7am-3pm
Weekends 7am-4pm
+61 418 214 425