Annandale Mini Skate Park

Annandale is a small suburban skatepark that is especially suited to younger skaters or beginner scooter riders. 

Smith Street, Annandale, NSW
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KIDsize Vibe

The skate park is located right beside William Stuart Playground, which is handy! If they get bored on the scooters, they can have a go at basketball courts.

It is basically a collection of pre-fabricated quarter pipes arranged to make a couple of smaller mini’s. Its a perfect place to learn to drop in on either of the 3 or 4 foot quarter pipes. The coping is also very forgiving so its perfect for some of the basics (fakie-rocks, rock-to-fakie’s). There is also a 1.5ft fun box so even the youngest kids can have a go.

Nearest kid friendly cafes:

Cafe on Johnson is 700m/10mins walk

Clover Cafe is 500m/6mins walk

Skate area
Not shaded
Beside William Stuart playground
Beside 2 full basketball courts
Green area
Street parking
Age Group
All Ages
Location and Details
Smith Street, Annandale, NSW
02 9265 9333