Top 5 tips for teeth brushing fun

Andi Dyson

We got some expert tips from the Australian Dental Association NSW Branch on how to make brushing teeth fun for toothbrush-resistant toddlers.

No matter how many kids you have, one thing I've learnt is that they are all individual and with their own little challenges. Brushing of the toothy pegs is our challenge at the moment. My youngest one's response to any attempts to put brush to tooth is to scream and squirm and basically chuck a fit. I was at a loss as to how to make him enjoy it like he seems to enjoy all the other routine activities in our day. 

Recently, however, I was able to chat with the excellent folk from the Australian Dental Association NSW Branch as part of their appearance at this years Essential Baby and Toddler show.

Brush teeth fun toddlers

Here are their top 5 tips to make brushing teeth a fun part of your toddlers routine:

  1. Make brushing a game: You can invent and change the rules or create characters and a storyline, as long as your child becomes interested they’ll more passively accept the clean.  
  2. Lead by example: Brush your teeth first to show that everyone does it and it’s a part of life. This will help you remember to be diligent about your oral care too!
  3. Look for fun products that might help: Funny toothbrush holders, ‘singing’ tooth brushes, toothpaste with their favourite TV character on it. Let your child choose their own tools! Just make sure it’s a soft toothbrush and child friendly low fluoride toothpaste.
  4. Play a song during brushing: This will help keep to time (2 minutes) and be a fun distraction. Search YouTube, The APP Store or Google Play for great tooth brushing songs and apps. 5
  5. Create a brushing chart: Sign off your child’s success both morning and night, and create a (non-food related) reward system. 

Visit Australian Dental Association at the Essential Baby & Toddler Show's Advice Hub for personalised advice or check out the Australian Dental Association for more information.