Probots: Healthy Gut Warriors

Fiona Fennessy

Yoghurt is one of those amazing foods that you can eat year round, no matter your age. 

There are so many different brands of yoghurt on the shelves that it can be hard to know the difference between the healthy ones and the ones that are packed with heaps of sugar. 

Kefir Probots are a probiotic yoghurt, set to build an immunity army to help fight against allergies and boost the immune systems of kids across Australia. Did we mention they have NO added sugar? 

They are lactose free, all-natural probiotic yoghurts perfect for school lunch boxes year-round. 

These kefir gut warriors come in three delicious sugar-free flavours; Mango, Strawberry, and Blueberry.

The Collective Probots contain pure fruit puree and whole, single-source milk from Victoria and a whopping 13 active culture strains, meaning these little power-packs will deliver a dollop of gut warriors to keep kids tummies in top shape, as well as a taste they will love.

According to studies in the fields of nutrition, the introduction of kefir to the diet has a range of benefits for developing bodies.

In comparison to traditional yoghurts currently on the market, kefir is a far more powerful probiotic for your kids, aiding their digestion and helping to boost their immune system.