Play System by Osmo

Fiona Fennessy

Osmo have created a unique Play System specifically for iPad, bringing life into traditional STEM learning and digital gaming. Osmo’s products have already been enthusiastically embraced by the Australian teaching community, who have recognised them as being an interactive and interesting way to teach STEM to their pupils.

Former Googlers bring more of their award-winning ‘Play System’ to Aussie kids and tackle STEM learning head-on with Osmo.  Osmo is an award-winning game system that will change the way your child interacts with the iPad and iPhone by opening them up to hands-on play.

Osmo brings back the essence of play and encourages core life skills; creative thinking and social interaction by creating an open environment for kids to problem solve, gain positive feedback and interact with one another. Osmo can be played by the whole family, anywhere, and on any surface and instinctively brings people together, as the first truly multi-generational connected gaming device with STEM learning at its core.

Osmo currently has three Kits and three Game Add-ons available in Australia, built from the ground up and designed for children ages 5-12.

All kits and games are available in JB Hi-Fi, Australian Geographic, Office Works, Harvey Norman and Apple stores.

Genius Kit: Tangram, Numbers, Words, Masterpiece, and Newton — five smart games that transform your iPad into a hands-on tool for learning and laughter. Osmo technology “sees” how kids move real-world tangible pieces in front of the screen and responds with on-screen encouragement, guidance, and giggles. That’s why each game centres on a physical activity. Whether it’s arranging tangrams, zooming number cards around, or even freehand drawing, Osmo sees and reacts to every real-live move. RRP $159.99

Creative Kit

Creative Kit: Monster, Masterpiece, and Newton — three irresistible invitations to create, invent, explore, and play. Osmo technology “sees” the real-world, doodles, drawings and creations kids make in front of the screen — and responds with instant on-screen feedback and fun. This kit comes with everything you need to transform an iPad into a creation station. We selected these art tools — a fuzzy storage pouch that doubles as an eraser, six dry-erase markers, and the creative board — for best performance with Osmo’s technology. RRP $119.99

MindRacers Kit

MindRacers Kit: Kids pick their cars from the included fleet of real-live Hot Wheels racers, set them on the starting line and — ZOOM! — they’re launched on a full-throttle drive straight through the screen and into awesome worlds. Osmo Hot Wheels is great for solo fun, and even better when friends challenge each other to a race. Or play tournament-style for a fast-paced family game night! First across the finish line is the undisputed champion of the universe — until the next race.
RRP $139.99

Pizza Co. Game: Kids make pizza, change, and (hopefully) a profit as they run a crazy cartoon pizza shop! When they invest their profits into improving the shop, players get a taste of growing their very own business. Pizza Co. is a great way to practice addition, subtraction, and fraction skills — including fast-paced mental math. The difficulty level even auto-adjusts to match kids’ abilities. Math has never been so delicious. RRP $64.99.

Coding Awbie Game: Kids use code to go on an epic, open-ended, strawberry-munching adventure. It’s easy! Simply snap together these coding blocks to make on-screen Awbie walk, grab, and jump his way through a magical world. Coding Awbie rewards logical thinking and problem-solving with fun stuff like strawberries and pies and new adventures. Sharpening these skills builds confidence and prepares kids for an increasingly digital world. RRP $79.99.

Coding Jam Game: Kids love listening to music, but creating their own jams is even better! Now, by arranging Osmo’s coding blocks into patterns and sequences, kids can make really cool music for themselves. It’s happy, hands-on, creative play, and an awesome way to dig into coding. Rock on! While they’re making music, kids absorb fundamental coding concepts like loops and sequencing. And when they’re done, they can even share their best tunes safely with other Osmo jammers. Let the music play! RRP $99.99.