Gymkidz Newtown

Fiona Fennessy

A Toddler, Kinder and Recreational Gymnastics Centre in the Heart of Inner West Sydney

GYMKIDZ are offering a NEW additional Saturday classes! 
All NEW Primary class (ages 7 - 12 years) at 11:00am -12:00pm and Pre-school class (3 - 5 years) at 10:15am.

Free Play Thursday's! Join Gymkidz on Thursdays from at 9:30 - 10:30am and explore their unique equipment with your little bundle of energy!


Set in a surprisingly spacious corner hall on Lennox Street, Gymkidz' range of equipment is impressive and includes a mini trampoline, two balance beams and rings set at the right height for mini-gymnasts. 

Instructors Sarah and Tamzin are extremely attentive and ensure the children are doing each activity correctly and with the right amount of supervision. We practiced our forward rolls, handstands and even did some tuck and rolls.  

Jack and Mia have their work set out for them at the class but it is fun and they enjoy it. As a parent, I understand that they are not going to master tucking and rolling or balancing on their hands in one day. The opportunity to learn and grow at Gymkidz is enormous.

We made new friends and Jack and Mia have built confidence in their own strength and abilities. The sheer joy of being active is something I hope will stay with them every day of their lives. 

Gymkidz gymnastics classes aim to improve young children's movement vocabulary through 45 minute classes with different age appropriate lessons designed for children ages 18 months and up.

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