Bake Believe

Fiona Fennessy

Creativity. Encouragement. Motivation. This was all I needed. To believe I could do it and have all the support I needed right beside me at the same time in my own kitchen!

Little did I know, my love of baking was about to be re-ignited. Thank you bake believe for making this possible.

Here's how we went from this.....                              To this.....


It's no secret that birthdays are a currency in the eyes of children; who’s invited, where it will be, what kind of cake they will have and the long list of toys they would like. One week before Jack and Mia's third birthday, I was no further forward and had no idea how I was going to manage TWO cakes.

Growing up I loved helping my mum bake fairy cakes at home in our kitchen. I developed a love for baking more extravagant recipes in my teens. Then, becoming a parent and being tasked with regular meal preparation and having to constantly think about what to cook next for the family (three times a day) left me tired and uninspired. The sight of the expensive mixer we got as a wedding present now left me feeling nauseous. 

Together with Jack and Mia I flicked through the Women’s Weekly Cake magazine which was kindly gifted to my by a friend when we moved to Sydney. In my head I was thinking: “there’s no way I could make that.” The recipes seemed too tricky to attempt and the tins needed would be difficult to source.

bake believe could not have been easier to use. I cannot explain enough how easy it was to make two beautiful and delicious cakes. Select your cake from the website. Order. Have your DIY cake kit sent to your door. It includes all of the ingredients you need (except for eggs, milk and butter). Even better, it is sent in environmentally friendly packaging and the decorations are beautiful. There are detailed and carefully thought out step-by-step instructions. Amazing! 

I am so glad I found bake believe to help save the day. I strongly recommend you check them out before your next party!