Babes in arms Cinema Sessions

Fiona Fennessy

Babies at the movies

Just because you have a small baby, doesn't mean you should miss the pleasure of going to see a film. Most cinemas will have weekly 'babes in arm' sessions especially for parents with small children. I've detailed some of those in the Sydney City area below.

Event Cinemas George St

Babies at the movies

Relax and catch a movie at the Bring Your Baby sessions running 10.30am Monday, 12.30pm Wednesday and 10.30 am Friday every week except school holidays.

Check the Event Cinema's website for what's playing.

Hoyts Broadway

Babies at the movies

Prams at the PIX sessions are all about creating a baby friendly cinema experience for all parents and carers.

Watch the latest movies on the big screen, including comedy, drama, action and sci-fi flicks with all tickets just $11* and kids under five FREE!

Hoyts will dim the lights and soften the volume, to ensure you can sit back and enjoy your break. 

Weekly sessions times are updated regularly on the Hoyts website.

Dendy Newtown

Babies at the movies

REEL BUBS is a program exclusively for parents and carers with children at Dendy Newtown every Thursday morning. These screenings are tailored to meet their needs and includes dimmed lights (not extinguished lights) and sound levels that suit the parent/carer and child.

Please note that the  Reel Bubs sessions will be available to book on the Tuesday prior. Reel Bubs sessions are not available during school holidays. 

Tickets to Reel Bubs sessions are $10.00. Children under 5 are free.

Check sessions at Dendy Newtown.