Plan an Awesome Birthday at Bankstown

Planning a birthday party for your kids this year? When do you start? For most parents, it is a burdensome task to plan a party that is going to please not only your child, but be easy enough to execute without costing a fortune. There’s so much to think about: have you decided on a theme, got a cake and know how to keep everyone entertained?

We have you covered with this list of the newest and best party ideas for each type of kid, all conveniently based at Bankstown Sports Club in Bankstown Sydney.

For ‘The Gamer’ : Xbox & PC Arcade Theme

For 2 hours, kids can play PC & Xbox with a selection of popular titles including Fortnite, Mario Kart, Rocket League, Minecraft and more at Bankstown Sports Club.

For ‘The Adventurer’: Turbo Climb Theme

26 of the most fun and exciting climbing walls you will ever climb. Race to the top of the magical beanstalk or the top of a roaring volcano. Ideal for ages 4 +.

For ‘The Party Animal’:  Monkey Mania Theme 

Money Mania is the perfect location for the party animal and has amazing play equipment for ages 1-12 and is the ultimate Party Animal themed party.

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