Love Your Body by Jessica Sanders

Being a teen can be awkward. Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin is something everyone experiences no matter what age or gender they are. 

Your body really can do amazing things. This illustrated book contains scenarios when you might be feeling a little self-conscious and provides solutions to help readers see that everyone has a different body shape. 

This book is a how-to-guide and a wonderful story for young girls (or boys) to read alone or together with an adult. 

Using your body in the best ways possible are what makes you, YOU! This book would make a great gift for a young tween or teen as it is packed full of tools and tips about being confident about their bodies. 

It is not just about being kind to yourself, but showing kindness to others will help them to love their bodies too. I wish I had a book like this when I was growing up.

The book shares a link to the website where you can get resources such as printable activities and how to find additional support. 

Perfect for children aged 6+.
Cost: $20 (approx)

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